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4 Winning KIN Fanfic Stories To Be Made Into Spin-Off Series On MeWATCH

The series is expected to be out in December.

4 Winning KIN Fanfic Stories To Be Made Into Spin-Off Series On MeWATCH

Coming soon in December: A special spin-off special of KIN — written by its fans. Four of them, to be exact.

They are the winners of the KIN fanfic writing contest organised by Mediacorp and global online story platform Wattpad Studios in April. The die-hard fans of the long-running soap opera not only take home $500 each, they will also their stories adapted into a special spin-off series slated to premiere in December.

All in all, the contest received 133 entries from Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia as well as the US, the UK, the Netherlands, and South Africa. The submissions were judged in three categories: Voice (i.e. writing style), Content and Originality, and Adaptability.

In a statement, KIN executive producer Tan Wei-Lyn says, “I'm aware KIN has passionate fans, but I’ve never quite grasped the degree or extent of its popularity. We are really heartened that KIN has travelled beyond our shores, and that this contest has sparked the imagination of so many from different walks of life.”

Tan, who was also one of the contest judges, adds, “I'm amazed by how much they ‘get’ our characters and the show. As a writer myself, I’m often daunted by that first blank page — to start filling this takes courage, discipline and drive, and we are really inspired by all the submissions which embody these qualities. With this fanfic writing competition, we can now truly say that KIN does belong to our fans, and vividly so!”

But hey, without further ado, here are the winners, who are all based in Singapore.

Eunice Shelley’s Top Secret by Erika Suzuki, 33, a Japanese expat who’s lived in Singapore with her husband since 2008

Thirty-five years ago, Eunice Shelley gave birth to twin boys. But knowing there can only be one eventual CEO of Shelley Holdings, she had no choice but to give up her second son unbeknownst to her husband. Will he stumble upon Eunice’s secret and uncover the truth?

Once Upon a Lie by Liu Mei Ying, 51, an educational therapist from the UK

It is several years into the future, and the kids from KIN are all grown up. Maxine and Nikky are star-crossed lovers from families who disapprove of their relationship. Enter bad boy Khaled Hassan and things get even more complicated.

Rumour Has It by Sharifah Aishah, 27, a senior analyst

Soya bean stall owner May Wan meets a kind and generous patron who also turns out to be a potential suitor. But cynical friend Derek Shelley grows suspicious, and hatches a plan to break them apart.

●​​​​​​​ The Long Game by Maria Olavarria, 19, a Chilean student

A privileged young woman Daniella gets embroiled in a world of revenge and intrigue, involving rich and powerful families, when she makes a deal with a Hongkong businessman and relocates to Singapore with a brand new identity to work for the wealthy Shelley family — as their maid.

Click here for the full versions of their stories.

Kin airs Mon-Thur, Ch 5, 8.30pm; it’s also on meWATCH.



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