You Should Avoid 'Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight' Like an STD

Was this zombie pic directed by a zombie as well?

Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight (NC16)

Starring Cheung Kai-Chung, Alex Man, Carrie Ng

Directed by Alan Lo

Towards the end of this haphazardly put-together Hongkong zombie flick, a guy in a laughable chicken costume inexplicably appears and starts laying eggs that blow up. Yes, exploding eggs.

The producers should consider changing the subtitle to Torture Yourself Tonight because there’s nothing — repeat, nothing — enjoyable about this catastrophic mess marred by amateurish action sequences, tiresome family melodrama, baffling plot developments, and a bizarre animated final act.

This isn’t so much a movie but an industrial mishap; it shouldn’t be reviewed — it should be audited. For starters, I want to know how much was spent on that chicken suit. (½*) 

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