Wonder Woman Wants You To Strike A Power Pose For Her

Because there’s “something very exciting is coming our way this Sunday”.

Calling all Wonder Woman fans, the Amazon Princess needs your help! Actually, it’s Gal Gadot, the actress playing Wonder Woman in the movie who desperately needs your help.

She just issued a call to action on Tweeter: “I’m here to let you know that something very exciting is coming your way this Sunday, December 8. You can get in on the action before anyone else by commenting below with a photo of your fiercest Wonder Woman pose.”

What’s this “something” she’s talking about? My guess is the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984.  What else can it be? (Wait, is that your Sunday because if it’s your Sunday, then it’s Monday here…oh, fudge, never mind.)

The sequel, again directed by Patty Jenkins, is set in 1984 (duh) and sees the Amazon Princess battling a villain named Cheetah (Kristen Wiig). Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor, even though his character died in the first movie. Probably a clone. Or something.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens here June 4, 2020.

Photo: Warner Bros Pictures

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