Win A Trip For Two To The ‘Mortal Engines’ Global Premiere In London

How? Just imagine Singapore as a moving city.

In the techno-fantasy Mortal Engines, Earth is a scorched planet where cities move around scavenging for limited resources. What if Singapore were part of the ecologically-ruined landscape as a traction city? How would you design a moveable fortress that’s cool, formidable and uniquely Singaporean? Have a think because that’s all you need to do to win a trip for two to Mortal Engines' global premiere in London.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, perhaps you may find your end-of-the-world inspiration in these two examples.

8 days mortal engines

Singapore Traction City #1

Created by 8 DAYS designer Pyron Tan, this chilli crab-inspired mobile metropolis is powered by solar panels in the Singapore Flyer generator. The claws are for attack and defence, with ballistic missiles and artillery shells firing out of the Merlions’ eyes and mouths. During a lock-down, the spikes under the New Water recycling tank are raised, forming a dome over the city. Yes, it becomes a giant durian. In the event of an emergency, the inhabitants use the Skypark as an escape pod. Cool, right?

lego mortal engines

Singapore Traction City #2

In this traction city, designed by LEGO artist Eugene Tan, the iconic Merlion plays a significant part in the overall design, with the Parliament House, Supreme Court and Changi Airport mashed up to form the town centre. Elsewhere, the city is protected by gun turrets, with two runways flanking the rear for the Air Force to launch attacks on other traction cities. Not everything has to be gloomy: the residential areas are surrounded by greenery (there’s even a Gardens by the Bay at the top!). Great for stress relief!

So what are you waiting for? Let your imagination run wild! The most creative entry wins! Remember: contest ends Nov 18, 2018, midnight.

Photo credit: UPI MEDIA 


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