Where Are The Ghosts In The Horror Flick ‘Ghostland’?

It’s a nasty home invasion tale from the director of ‘Martyrs’

Ghostland (NC16)

Starring Crystal Reed, Emilia Jones

Directed by Pascal Laugier

Teen Wolf’s Crystal Reed plays a successful horror novelist who returns to her remote childhood home in a nondescript Midwestern town to help her estranged mum (French singer Mylene Farmer) and sister (Anastasia Phillips) manage a domestic crisis.

Turns out they’re still reeling from a vicious home invasion decades ago — and the perpetrators may not have left the scene of the crime just yet. And let’s just leave things at that ’cos this heady thriller from French helmer Pascal Laugier (Martyrs) is rigged with a middle-act plot twist, which once revealed will render the movie less interesting than it sounds. (**1/2)

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