If you haven’t already heard, Avengers: Endgame is returning to  cinemas on July 1 with new footage as a double bill as Spider-Man: Far From Home. At press time, the re-release is only back for a one-day engagement; the additional material wasn't shown to reviewers. 

For those who aren't planning to watch the seven-hour marathon but are curious about the new content attached to Endgame (the movie itself is the same version as the one that came out two months ago), here’s what you can expect, according to folks who’ve seen it in the US, where Endgame was re-released yesterday.

From the sounds of it, the six-minute bonus content feels like a glorified ad for the movie’s digital/Blu-ray release in end-July and August. It’s safe to assume that it’s the same footage that will be shown here...unless Marvel Studios is pulling a Captain America: The Winter Soldier on us by showing different deleted scenes in different markets.

And for those who’ve already gotten their tickets to the Avengers: Endgame-Spider-Man: Far From Home double bill on Monday (July 1), for the love of Thor, please look away: spoilers ahead! Final warning... 

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