One of the main characters In the post-apocalyptic techno adventure Mortal Engines isn’t played by an actor. It’s not even human — it’s a city. Created using CG effects and physical sets, London is a traction city — a giant, predator metropolis on wheels — that destroys (or rather devours) everything in its path. 

A few weeks ago, we invited readers to let their imagination run Mad Max-wild and design a mobile fortress that’s not only uniquely Singaporean but is formidable enough to take on London.  

The response was overwhelming but, alas, there can only be one winner. After much deliberation, the judges decided to give Rafael’s ‘Singapore: atTRACTION CITY the top prize — a trip for two to Mortal Engines’ global premiere in London. Congrats, Rafael!

Meanwhile, we have also included the other wild and bizarre homegrown traction cities that caught our attention. Thank you for the effort!

Mortal Engines opens in cinemas Dec 6. 

Photo: UPI Media 

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