Watch Anthony Wong Go Off The Reservation In Shock Fest 'The Sleep Curse'

But only in the last 20 minutes.

The Sleep Curse (R21)

Starring Anthony Wong, Michelle Wai, Jojo Goh

Directed by Herman Yau

Set in 1990, The Sleep Curse stars Anthony Wong as a neurologist obsessed with conducting sleep deprivation experiments on humans. The good doc himself is suffering from insomnia, a condition that’s linked to something his father (also played by Wong, but with a hairpiece) did in wartime Hongkong (doubled by Penang) as a Japanese collaborator.

The Sleep Curse is sold as a horror reunion for Wong and director Herman Yau, a long overdue follow-up to The Untold Story and The Ebola Syndrome, a pair of cult Category III shock-fests they made in the 1990s.

It doesn't matter if those exploitation flicks mean anything to you or not, The Sleep Curse is a routine, uneven spook-fest that’s more likely to put you to sleep. But whatever you do, you must — repeat, must — stay up for the batshit crazy finale where Wong’s character goes on a rampage with a cleaver. It's a gory sight to behold. (**½) 

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