Two Horror Flicks To Skip This Weekend: ‘Hell Fest’ & ‘Mara’ 

Just stick to the trailers.

Hell Fest (NC16)
Starring Bex Taylor-Klaus, Reign Edwards, Amy Forsyth
Directed by Gregory Plotkin
Gale Ann Hurd, one of the executive producers of The Walking Dead, is behind this perfunctory Friday the 13th-in-a-horror amusement park where a bunch of kids are picked off one by one by a masked serial slayer. 

hell fest poster
From one of the executive producers of 'The Walking Dead'... 

Director Gregory Plotkin is no newbie; he did Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (which happens to be the least successful chapter in the franchise) and edited Get Out

With the exception of a tense sequence involving a guillotine, he brings nothing inspiringly new to the slaughter. Even Candyman’s Tony Todd, making a cameo as an emcee, looks thoroughly bored. So will you. (**)

Mara (PG13)
Starring Olga Kurylenko, Craig Conway, Javier Botet
Directed by Clive Tonge
From one of the producers of Paranormal Activity — no, it isn’t Jason Blum — comes this Nightmare on Elm Street clone where Olga Kurylenko’s forensic psychologist is investigating a spate of sleep paralysis-linked homicides. 

mara poster
From one of the producers of 'Paranormal Activity'... 

She has a hard time believing the crimes are committed by a long-haired phantom with spidery limbs — until she’s next on the banshee’s to-kill list. Clive Tonge’s debut feature is a plodding exercise made up of a series of ‘Boo’ moments that dropped just when you’re about to doze off. 

Every time the demon appears, Kurylenko gives her best “what happened to my career” reaction. Kinda sad. (**) 

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