Trailer Watch: The Oft-delayed The New Mutants Finally Sees The Light Of Day

Does anyone still care about the teen-horror ‘X-Men’ spin-off?

Disney/Fox has just dropped a new trailer for its long-delayed, almost forgotten The New Mutants. Thanks for the reminder, guys. It’s about time, too. We were this close to calling it The Old Mutants.

The X-Men teen-horror spin-off — about five mutants (played by Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, and Blu Hunt) trying to bust out of a secret facility where they’re being experimented on — has a checkered history. 

It was supposed to bow out in April 2018 but it was pushed back to February 2019. Then the Disney/Fox merge happened and it was rescheduled to Aug 2019. The movie got moved again (reportedly to accommodate reshoots because Disney wasn't impressed with the footage), this time to its final April 2020 release date.

Does the movie feel like it's being treated like an unwanted stepchild? Frequent postponements? Massive reshoots? Should we be worried? Oh, absolutely. Didn’t X-Men: Dark Phoenix endure similar labour pains? And look how well that turned out for that movie. (That's a horror flick too but not in a good way.)

Contrary to early reports, The New Mutants isn’t rated R, but PG-13. Director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) tweeted, “The movie has always been and will always be PG-13. There was never a plan for an R-rated movie.”

Judging from the new footage, the movie is dark and menacing. Let’s hope it isn’t watered-down PG-13 horror (more Drag Me to Hell and less One Missed Call, please) — and the projectionist show the movie with proper luminance. 

In the unlikely event that it sucks (consult your own Magic 8 Ball), hey, there’s Black Widow coming out three weeks later.

The New Mutants opens in cinemas Apr 2. 

Photos: Fox/Disney

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