Trailer Watch: The Invisible Man Shows Us The Best Way To Drive Your Ex Crazy

It’s the latest from Jason Blum’s fear factory.

What would you do if you were invisible? Whatever you’re thinking, I’m pretty sure one of them isn’t to cure cancer.

And if you are a sociopath like Adrian Griffin (The Haunting of Hill House’s Oliver Jackson-Cohen) in The Invisible Man, you’ll use the stealthy powers to stalk your ex Cecilia (The Handmaid Tale’s Elisabeth Moss) and drive her bonkers and then some.

The Invisible Man, produced by Jason Blum (Get Out, BlacKkKlansmen) and directed by Saw co-creator Leigh Whannell), also stars Aldis Hodge and Storm Reid.

Johnny Depp was originally attached to headline The Invisible Man, when it was part of the Dark Universe banner —– an inter-connected MCU-like group of movies, featuring Universal Pictures’ classic monsters like Dracula, The Wolfman and Frankenstein's Monster).

But when The Mummy, the first in the series starring Tom Cruise, under-performed at the box-office, Dark Universe was cancelled and Depp was shown the door. What was supposed to be big-budget SPFX extravaganza (The Mummy reportedly cost US$125 million or S$170 million) is now an indie gritty psychological thriller (an average Blumhouse flick doesn’t cost over US$5 million).

It’s about time someone makes an Invisible Man movie. The last memorable one was Paul Verhoeven’s Hollow Man from 20 years ago. Some folks might remember that Kevin Bacon-starring movie for a naughty joke about Superman and Wonder Woman. I can’t repeat the joke, but you can watch it here.   

invisible man poster

The Invisible Man opens in cinemas March 5, 2020. 

Photo: UIP


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