Trailer Watch: Jackie Chan Ushers In The Year Of The Rat With Action Adventure Vanguard

He’s reunited with his ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ director.

The Chinese New Year season isn’t complete without a Jackie Chan movie. His latest offering, directed by Stanley Tong (Police Story III: Supercop, Rumble in the Bronx) is an action adventure where he plays the boss of an international security agency

Yang Yang, Ai Lun, Mu Qimiya, Zhu Zhengting, and Xu Ruohan play his good-looking team members. Together, they are involved in a high-octane battle against mercenaries, with the action spanning from London to Zambia to Dubai.

Judging from the dialogue-free teaser, you don’t come to see Vanguard for political insight on the war of terror. You’re watching it for the eye-candy, exotic locations, the Fast & Furious vehicular mayhem and lots of rat-a-tat-tat action...geddit? Oh, never mind.

With Jackie teaming up with his Police Story III: Supercop and Rumble in the Bronx director Stanley Tong, let’s hope the movie delivers the goods and doesn't suck like his last CNY movie, The Knights of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang. (Then again, the duo also made The Myth and Kung Fu Yoga.) You owe us, Jackie! 

vanguard poster

Vanguard opens in cinemas Jan 25.


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