Theo James Is Stuck With Father-In-Law In Apocalyptic Road Movie ‘How It Ends’

This will cheer you up: another movie to prepare you for the end of days.

How It Ends (R21) 

Starring Theo James, Forest Whitaker, Kat Graham 

Directed by David M Rosenthal

When the US is thrown into chaos and anarchy by a mysterious disaster (no one knows if it’s a nuclear attack, an alien invasion or an act of God), a young lawyer (Divergent's Theo James) hits the road to find his pregnant fiancée (The Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham). 

With the world falling apart, what is the worst that can happen next? Well, accompanying the man is his disapproving future father-in-law (Forest Whitaker). Just lovely. 

This well-acted but grim and drab apocalyptic drama offers familiar lessons: When disorder prevails, all civility is out the window. So, if you want to be a Good Samaritan, make sure you’re packing heat. On Netflix. (**1/2) 

Photo: Netflix 

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