When Zombiepura director Jacen Tan needed someone to wrangle the rotting, walking corpses for his horror-com, he turned to someone who came highly recommended by his filmmaker friends — Sunny Pang.

Yes, that Sunny Pang. That pai kia-looking dude who plays Inspector Han on Ch 5’s Code of Law.

When he isn’t acting, Pang, 46, runs Ronin Action Group, a martial arts stunt team he started in 2012. The group’s credits include 2025, Premonition, Left Behind, and the Sam Willows video ‘For Love’.

8 DAYS recently visited Ronin Action Group at their office-cum-studio in Jalan Pemimpin to find out how they whipped the skinwalkers in Zombiepura into shape.

Zombiepura (PG13) is now out in cinemas.

Video credits: Camera: Goh Wen Kai, Nelson Tan; Audio: Kelly Chan; Editor: Chris Khong

Ronin Action Group photos: Aik Chen

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