It’s hard to believe that the Mission: Impossible movie franchise has been around for more than 22 years. Even harder to believe: Tom Cruise has been its star since day one. 

Twenty-two years. That’s five years longer than Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine. Since then, there’s been six movies, including the latest, Mission: Impossible — Fallout , now showing in the cinemas. 

Fallout opened last week around the world to the tune of US$155.83 million (S$212.11 mil) and glowing reviews. Is it the best in the series? Some say it is. But how does it stack up with the other five? Here's our take. 

Meanwhile, we  have a clip of Class 95's Yasminne Cheng chatting with the cast of Fallout about what it takes to be an IMF agent. Are you Tom Cruise enough? 

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