The Great Wall is a lavish waste of talents including Matt Damon and Andy Lau

So much money; for this?

The Great Wall (PG13: violence)

The largest Hollywood co-production filmed in China is a US$150 million (S$216.5 mil) 3D historical action fantasy, an English-language debut of director Zhang Yimou, boasting a starry cast: Matt Damon is a foreign mercenary, who joins an elite army comprising strategist Andy Lau, aerial warrior Jing Tian, general Zhang Hanyu and commander Eddie Peng making a heroic stand atop the Great Wall against marauding monsters. The story is tripe. The pandering East-West exotica is tacky. This soulless visual effect bombast is all the more shameful given the collective potential, what with Willem Dafoe another Hollywood import, in the role of a prisoner, and Damon doing his most disinterested acting in his career under a director too busy eyeing the box-office to direct. •1/5

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