The Fann Wong weepie Packages From Daddy is empty inside

Good grief, what a tedious melodrama

Packages From Daddy (PG)

Starring Fann Wong, Li Li-Zen, Katrina Yu, Xie Fei Directed by Tsai Yin-Chuan


Packages From Daddy by Taiwanese director Tsai Yin-Chuan is a domestic melodrama on loss and healing starring Fann Wong (pictured) as a widow in a seaside town with a nine-year-old son (Xie Fei) and a preteen daughter (Katrina Yu), each of them receiving a posthumous birthday package from the father (Li Li-Zen) after his suicide. And what do we get in the meantime? Teary long faces plus self-pitiful moping. All this would be tiresome enough without the broken antique clock sent to the son serving as an overly literal symbol of time stopping for a family engulfed in grief. 2.5/5

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