'The Disaster Artist' Is A Funny Movie About A Really Crappy One

James Franco pretends to be a really bad, bad actor.

The Disaster Artist (M18)

Starring James Franco, Dave Franco

Directed by James Franco

James Franco stars in and directs this showbiz comedy about Tommy Wiseau, a mysterious wannabe actor/writer/director who doesn’t let his lack of filmmaking experience deter him from making what’s often regarded as ‘The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies”, The Room.

The behind-the-scenes jokes are accessible even if you haven’t seen The Room (do you dare to?); just let Franco’s off-the-wall performance as the deluded auteur guide you through. Picture this as a remake of Bowfinger, except it happened for real. 

While The Room was a tone-deaf calamity, The Disaster Artist is deliriously sidesplitting. Exclusive at The Projector from May 26. (***1/2) 

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