The Bridge Curse Review: Summer Meng Takes On Urban Legend In By-The-Numbers Supernatural Horror

But it does have its freaky moments.

The Bridge Curse (NC16)

Starring Summer Meng, JC Lin, Ning Chang, Ruby Chan

Directed by Lester Hsi

This Taiwanese supernatural horror stars Summer Meng as a TV journo trying to piece together the final hours of six undergrads who perished horribly after they livestreamed a paranormal activity at a haunted landmark in campus (now, where can that be?). 

Centred around a vengeful long-haired she-ghost (she and Sadako have the same stylist), the scare-tactics are effective, if a little by the numbers. But there are two standout scenes: one takes place in a dingy toilet (poop interruptus!), the other, a roomful of mannequins (plastic menace!). 

A late-game revelation helps make this otherwise routine shriek-fest slightly more interesting than it deserves to be. But I’m feeling generous: the movie gets a bonus half a star for running under 90 minutes. (***)

bridge curse inset pic
Heads up: Something bad is about to happen to her. 

Photos: Clover Films 


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