'The Big Sick' Is A Charming Romantic Coma-Dy

Meet Kumail Nanjiani — the Pakistani Hugh Grant!

The Big Sick (NC16)

Starring Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan

Directed by Michael Showalter

Charming and bittersweet cultural-clash dramedy starring Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani, in his first leading role, as a Pakistani-American stand-up comic also named Kumail, and Zoe Kazan as his girlfriend Emily.

The couple break up after Emily finds out that Kumail has kept their relationship a secret to his Muslim-immigrant parents. He then tries to woo her back, except she’s now in a coma. You still with me?

But the path to reconciliation isn’t an easy one.  Kumail first has to sort out his issues with his disapproving parents as well as Emily’s folks (Holly Hunter and Ray Romano — who doesn’t want them as their in-laws?). Will Kumail and Emily get back together? Spoiler: The story’s based on Nanjiani’s real-life courtship with his wife.


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