'Taken''s Maggie Grace Tries To Stop 'The Hurricane Heist'

This movie doesn't rock you like a hurricane.

The Hurricane Heist (PG13)

Starring Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace

Directed by Rob Cohen

A bunch of bad guys plan to steal US$600 million from a US Mint facility under the cover of a Category 5 hurricane. Enter Maggie Grace’s treasury agent and Toby Kebbell’s meteorologist to stop the heist.

This is an intermittently exciting Die Hard knock-off where most of the action sequences are murkily shot and covered in rain. Elsewhere, the sluggish movie desperately needs a Hans Gruber to spice things up, a formidable villain to menace our heroes, but Game of Thrones’ Ralph Ineson isn’t that guy. 

At least the filmmakers manage to sneak in a global warming message amid the bedlam. Good job.  (** ½)

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