Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker IMAX Tix Sales Start Dec 5

Advance tix sales for other formats start on Dec 6.

IMAX tickets for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will go on sale on Dec 5 (Thur) at Shaw Theatres Lido, from 7pm.

For hardcore fans, you can buy a pair of IMAX 3D tix with a Medal of Bravery relica for $55. Here’s the catch: The bundle is only available onsite (i.e. you have to be physically there at the box-office) on that day itself.

star wars  tros medal
Calling all hardcore fans: You can purchase a pair of IMAX 3D tickets with a Medal of Bravery replica for $55. This bundle will only be available onsite the day (Dec 5) of the IMAX advance ticket sale.

Another incentive to buy onsite on that day: the medals will be engraved in Aurebesh — a writing system used in the Star Wars universe — for free. The complimentary engraving service is limited to the first 80 medals.

Advance tix sales for the other formats will go islandwide on Dec 6, from 7pm. At selected cinemas, each Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker tix bought onsite will receive a Star Wars Commemorative Coin.

Each coin will be in a blind bag. There are nine to be collected, each representing an episode from the Star Wars saga. Fans also have the option of getting the nine-coin commemorative set and a pair of 2D tix for $59. Again, this is only available for onsite purchases.

star wars tros coins
Another incentive to buy tix onsite: Fans can get their hands on the nine-coin Limited Edition Star Wars commemorative set and a pair of 2D tix for $59. 

For the list of cinema locations participating in the advance ticket sales and FAQs, click here. All items are limited edition and while stocks last.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opens in cinemas Dec 19.

Photos: Lucasfilm/Disney

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