Spanish Sci-Fier ‘Orbiter 9’ Is ‘Truman Show’ In Space

Movie cosmonauts are always so sexy.

Orbiter 9 (NC16)

Starring Clara Lago, Álex González 

Directed by Hatem Khraiche

A cosmonaut (Clara Lago) has been stranded in deep space in a faulty vessel since birth for more than 20 years. One day, an engineer (Álex González) answers her SOS, boards the ship, fixes it, and changes her life forever with some news from Earth. This thriller from Spain starts off eerily (think Passengers) before an early Black Mirror-ish revelation steers it down another path (think, er, The Truman Show). Can’t really say much about the spoiler-rigged plot (but the guys who made the trailer seem to disagree) except the performances are engaging and there’s enough intrigue to keep you glued. In Spanish with English and Chinese subtitles. On Netflix. (***)

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