Simon Yam's Hair Steals The Spotlight In Trite Triad Thriller 'Colour Of The Game'

Seriously, who wears white at a gunfight?

Colour of the Game (TBA)

Starring Simon Yam, Jordan Chan, Philip Ng

Directed by Kam Ka Wai

Simon Yam stars as an old-time gangster tasked with assembling a badass crew (including Jordan Chan and Philip Ng) to settle a ‘jiang hu’ dispute. The job hits a snag (there’s a mole!) and the squad go into hiding. Hongkong schlock-meister Wong Jin wrote and produced this overwrought, over-plotted, trite thriller which feels like a parody of the ’80s heroic bloodshed genre but isn’t. That said, there are moments which are hard to watch without cracking up — like Yam’s hair (or is that a wig?), and the part where the shooters wear white for a gunfight. Seriously, who does that? (**½) 

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