Siblings Battle A Phantom Menace In A Big Spooky House In ‘Marrowbone’

White people and their big houses....

Marrowbone (PG13)

Starring George MacKay, Anya Taylor-Joy

Directed by Sergio G Sánchez

Sergio G Sánchez, the scribe of The Orphanage and The Impossible, pops his directorial cherry with this handsome, if derivative, horror yarn set in a run-down manor in the late 1960s.

Captain Fantastic’s George MacKay plays a young man protecting his siblings (including Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton) from a sinister force in the attic. Is the threat real or imagined?

How fast you arrive at the answer and how shocking the reveal is depends on how experienced the viewer is. Whatever the answer, Sánchez does a good job in creating a few suspenseful moments of the you-shouldn’t-stick-your-hand-into-dark-crevices variety. (**1/2)

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