‘Shock Wave’ Is A Date Movie For Those In The SCDF

Andy Lau takes on a mad bomber terrorising Hongkong.

Shock Wave 

Starring Andy Lau, Jiang Wu, Ron Ng

Directed by Herman Yau

Considering what’s happening now with global terrorism, it’s tough to sit through this unnerving thriller where Andy Lau’s bomb disposal expert has to stop a serial bomber-cum-master criminal (a menacing Jiang Wu, the younger brother of Rogue One’s Jiang Wen) from killing hostages and blowing up Hongkong’s Cross-Harbour Tunnel with 1,000kg of C4 explosives.

Yes, it’s Hongkong Has Fallen meets Die Hard with a Vengeance! It isn’t exactly escapist fun but civil defence and police tactical unit trainers would find the scenarios useful. (* * ½)

Photo: Golden Village Pictures 

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