Sci-Thriller 'Kill Switch' Is Better Off As A Video Game

Go watch Dan Stevens kick ass in 'The Guest' instead.

Kill Switch (PG13)

Starring Dan Stevens, Bérénice Marlohe

Directed by Tim Smit

An experiment to create unlimited energy produces apocalyptic side effects that only Beauty & the Beast’s Dan Stevens’ hunky scientist can avert.

Stevens is a good lookin’ fella who can do action (check him out as a super-soldier in The Guest), so it seems like a crime to hide his mug for the most part of this nauseating sci-fi thriller told from the hero’s POV.

Like last year’s Hardcore Henry, the first-person perspective is gimmicky and wears out after, say, the first 10 minutes. Seasoned video gamers may dig it, but others may want to wait for the VR version. (**)

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