Sam Worthington Volunteers For A Mad Science Experiment In 'The Titan'

No, it has nothing to do with the 'Clash of the Titans' movies.

The Titan (NC16)

Starring Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling

Directed by Lennart Ruff

In the near-future, mankind has a solution to Earth’s ecological crisis: Let’s migrate to the uninhabitable Saturn moon, Titan! (What, no Mars?)  However, instead of terraforming Titan, scientists opt to rewire the human DNA to adapt to the new environment via “forced evolution”.

Sam Worthington’s war veteran pilot is one of the experiment’s many guinea pigs. But beware: side effects include hair loss, hideous deformity, and, oh, tentacles shooting out of fingers. Nothing to worry about.

Lennart Ruff’s creature-feature debut starts off like a low-key Species variant before veering off to a tragic inter- (or is it trans-?) species romance reminiscent of The Fly. (**1/2)

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