Rainie Yang Takes On A Phantom Menace In 'The Tag-Along 2'

Do you dare to see this during the Hungry Ghost Month?

The Tag-Along 2 (NC16)

Starring Rainie Yang, Hsu Wei-Ning

Directed by Cheng Wei-Hao

Rainie Yang plays a social worker whose teenage daughter has gone missing in Dakeng Hills (in Taichung), believed to be abducted by a spectre in the shape of a little girl in red dress.

As the mother digs deeper into the mystery (with some help from a medium), she’s forced to confront the truth about the banshee’s identity as well as her own demons.

Prior knowledge of the Golden Horse Awards-nominated original is helpful but not a prerequisite to enjoying this creepy, heartwrenching even, Taiwanese shriek-fest. But first, you have to get past the laughably dodgy CG rumble in the final act. (***)

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