Plot Twist Dampens Slick Korean Cop Thriller 'Believer'

It's a remake of Johnnie To's 'Drug War'.

Believer (NC16)

Starring Cho Jin-Woong, Ryu Jun-Yeol, Kim Sung-Ryoung

Directed by Lee Hae-Young

Hardboiled detective Jo (Cho Jin-Woong) is hell-bent on nailing Mr Lee, a mysterious drug king who uses proxies to run his vast empire. The cop finally catches a break: Rak, a cartel member (Ryu Jun-Yeol) who has his own reasons to rat on the big boss, even though he’s never seen him before. 

Can Rak be trusted? For the most part, Believer — a remake of the 2012 Johnnie To thriller Drug War — packed with subterfuge and shoot-outs, is slick and hard-hitting, compelling up until it gets kinda-sorta derailed by a Usual Suspects-esque disclosure. Love the ambiguously poetic ending, though. (***) 

Photo: MM2 

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