Parasite Wins Original Screenplay Oscar

‘Parasite’ makes history as first Asian winner of a screenplay Oscar.

Bong Joon-Ho hailed his Original Screenplay Academy Award win for Parasite as being very special for his home country of South Korea.

The director and Han Jin-Won beat out competition from the writers of Knives Out, Marriage Story, 1917, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to take the Oscar. and the pair both gave short speeches, in which they switched between English and their native language through a translator.

Bong said: "Thank you, great honour.

Writing a script is always such a lonely process, we never write to represent our country...

"But this is very personal for South Korea, thank you.

"I thank my wife for always being an inspiration to me, all the actors who are here with me today for binging this film to life, thank you."

Han then took over the microphone and said: "Thank you director Bong and thank you to my mum.

"As there's Hollywood in the US and Korea, we have two models. I like to share this honour with all the storytellers and filmmakers."

Following their win, Taika Waititi took the Adapted Screenplay award for Jojo Rabbit and was surprised by his statuette.

He said: "Thank you. Amazing. Thank you. This is really light, it's supposed to be heavy."

The filmmaker then went on to thank his mother, largely for introducing him to Christine Leunens novel, which the movie is based on.

He continued "I'd like to thank my mother, where are you? I lost you hours ago.

"Thank you for being my mother and many other reasons, but for giving me the book that I adapted, this film wouldn't have existed without you doing that.

"Christine, thank you for writing the book, the producers, thank you. There are many other people I wanted to thank but I can't remember them. That's it.

"This is really great and I dedicate it to all those indigenous kids in the world who want to do are and write stories. We can make it too. Thank you."— BANG

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos


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