Movie Review: 'The Wall' Is A Suspenseful Action Movie Without Much Action

Sorry, it has nothing to do with Pink Floyd.

The Wall (M18)

Starring John Cena, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Directed by Doug Liman

The first of two Doug Liman movies out this year — the other is Tom Cruise’s American Made (opening on Aug 31) — is light years from the big-budget excess of Edge of Tomorrow.

In this bare-bones Iraq War thriller, two American soldiers (John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson) are pinned down in the desert by an unseen enemy sniper whose disembodied voice is we all hear.

It’s an action movie without much action, where the combatants spend their time swapping insults and outlooks on life, each waiting for the other to let his guard down. And, man, the wait is suspenseful as hell. (***½) 

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