Metamorphosis (NC16)

Starring Bae Sung-Woo, Sung Dong-Il, Jang Young-Nam

Directed by Kim Hong-Sun

Following a botched exorcism that resulted in death, disgraced Catholic priest Joong-Su (Bae Sung-Woo, looking like Aaron Eckhart’s long-lost Asian twin) decides to retire from the demon-expelling business and spend time growing cabbages in the church garden.

While the good padre is licking his wounds, the succubus that he failed to eradicate returns with a vengeance. Instead of going after Joong-Su, it targets his estranged brother Kang-Gu (Sung Dong-Il) and his family. Yes, this time it’s personal — just like the Great White in Jaws: Revenge.  

As exorcism movies go, Metamorphosis doesn’t break new ground but director Kim Hong-Sun (The Chase) draws strong performances from his ensemble and keeps the mood sombre and tense, especially in the jumpy middle section where the unholy entity sows the seeds of discord and destruction by taking turns to mimic each family member.

In Korean with English and Chinese subtitles. (***)

Photos: Clover Films

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