Movie Review: Scott Eastwood's 'Overdrive' Is An Under-whelming 'Fast & Furious' Rip-off

The best parts of this tepid caper are where Scott Eastwood keeps his mouth shut.

Overdrive (PG13)

Starring Scott Eastwood, Freddie Thorp, Ana De Armas

Directed by Antonio Negret

Fast & Furious 8’s Scott Eastwood has the David Beckham curse: He has the killer looks, but the second he speaks with that not-as-hunky voice (sorry!), he loses points as the leading man.

In this second-rate, French-produced F&F clone, he plays a car thief named Foster (‘Faster’ if you say it with a French accent) who’s forced by a baddie to steal a rare Ferrari from some even badder people.

This Luc Besson-wannabe caper is trashy dull when it’s supposed to be trashy fun. Maybe it’d be better if it were dubbed in French. (**½) 

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