Movie Review: Pretty Little Liar Shay Mitchell Battles Bland Demon In The Possession Of Hannah Grace

January is a slow month for horror fans.


The Possession of Hannah Grace (NC16)

Starring Shay Mitchell, Grey Damon, Stana Katic

Directed by Diederik van Rooijen

Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell plays Megan, a PTSD-stricken cop-turned-mortuary attendant who has the misfortune of processing the eponymous corpse, the result of a botched exorcism (explained in the intense pre-opening credits sequence.) 

Guess what!? Hannah may be dead but the pesky demon inside her is still very much alive and needs fresh flesh to regenerate a la The Mummy.

Wait, why can’t the evil entity simply exit the cadaver the same way as it entered her — you know, like an airborne contagion? — and inhabit a new host? Why complicate matters?

Beats me. Maybe the incubus, like Megan, is new to the job. (Didn’t read the possession manual, did you?)

So while the fiend is picking off her colleagues (including Castle’s Stana Katic as Megan’s AA sponsor, and Max McNamara’s annoyingly over-friendly security guard), our heroine, given her troubled history, thinks she’s losing her marbles.

And I’m losing my patience over the lack of satisfying frights. There a few creepy, if repetitive, moments involving motion sensor light switches, but the rest of the shriek tactics are a bit on the bland and formulaic side. (**) 

Photo: Sony Pictures Entertainment

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