Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy (NC16)

Starring Nick Cheung, Louis Koo, Francis Ng

Directed by Jazz Boon

A hacker (Jiang Peiyao) is marked for death when she unearths intel of a terrorist group that abducts children and grooms them into moles in law enforcement agencies around the world. Rival cops Nick Cheung and Louis Koo are potential suspects, as is their mutual pal Francis Ng. Can you blame her for not trusting the police? Poaching ideas from The Manchurian Candidate, Infernal Affairs and John Woo’s ’80s back catalogue, the overplotted only-in-name sequel to the 2016 deep-cover thriller (itself a spin-off of a TVB serial) is a hurried mix of office politicking (the guys at Criminal Intelligence Bureau and Security Wing are always feuding), soapy bro-rotic drama (don’t miss the prologue explaining the leads characters’ back stories), and frenetic action (the Heat-esque shootout in downtown Yangon is a highlight). The final section is memorable, if a little risible and literally a bunch of bull — it unfolds at a bull run in Spain. Cue rimshot. (***)

Photo: Golden Village

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