Movie Review: Donnie Yen Plays ‘Big Brother’ To High School Delinquents

Donnie Yen shows off his kinder, gentler and more nurturing side.

​​​​​​​Big Brother (PG13)

Starring Donnie Yen, Joe Chen, Kang Yu

Directed by Kam Ka-Wai  

Donnie Yen tackles social issues by playing Chen, a seasoned ex-soldier who returns to his alma mater to teach a class of high school delinquents. There, when he isn’t helping the students to get their grades up, he’s battling a conservative administration that disapproves of his left-field teaching methods. 

The story is similar to the Michelle Pfeiffer-starring Dangerous Minds, so you know how this plays out: the indefatigable educator eventually wins his critics over with his sincerity and sacrifices. 

The execution is by the numbers, but it’s nice to see Yen showing off his kinder, gentler and more nurturing side. That said, this is still a Donnie Yen movie: Chen may be a retired warrior but he will not hesitate to unleash his fists (and kicks) of fury to save his kids from a bunch of vicious thugs. 

Now, can your teacher top that?! (***)

Photo: Shaw Organisation

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