Movie Review: Christopher Plummer Kills It As A Real-Life Scrooge In Kidnap Thriller 'All The Money In The World'

It's also known as the movie Kevin Spacey got replaced by Christopher Plummer.

All The Money In The World (NC16)

Starring Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg, Christopher Plummer 

Directed By Ridley Scott

All the Money in the World is an absorbing true-crime drama about the 1973 kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, the 16-year-old grandson of oil magnate J Paul Getty. What is so twisted about this case is that the captors weren’t the only villains, Grandpa Getty was one as well — he refused to pay the US$17 million ransom. Granted, it was a lot of money but for Getty, it was petty cash for then the richest man in the world, said to be worth US$2 billion. 

But as it turns out, he was also the stingiest man on the planet. As played by the wonderful Christopher Plummer (who replaced the sex scandal-tainted original star Kevin Spacey in last-minute reshoots), Getty is Ebenezer Scrooge personified… times 10. (Interestingly, Plummer played the holiday-hating curmudgeon recently in the Charles Dickens biopic, The Man Who Invented Christmas.) 

all the money 2
Heartless: Christopher Plummer as billionaire J Paul Getty. The Getty kidnapping case is also the subject of Trust, a Danny Boyle-produced mini-series, starring Hilary Swank and Donald Sutherland, out in March.

The abduction part of the story isn’t nearly as compelling as the behind-the-scenes transactions where the victim’s mother (Michelle Williams, never been better) and a CIA operative-turned-Getty fixer (Mark Wahlberg) try to talk some sense — and cents — into the penny-pinching old man who would rather spend a fortune on art pieces and antiques than a dime to save his own kin (unless, of course, it’s tax deductible). For Getty, this wasn’t a hostage negotiation, but a business negotiation. Seriously, how can this guy sleep at night? (***1/2)

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