'Mon Mon Mon Monsters' Is An Odd Monster Movie With School Bullies

Or is it a school bully movie with monsters?

Mon Mon Mon Monsters (TBA)

Starring Kent Tsai, Deng Yu-Kai

Directed by Giddens Ko

The latest by Taiwanese writer/director Giddens Ko is light years away from his crowd-pleasing rom-com debut You Are the Apple of My Eye — if you haven’t guessed it from the title, this is a monster movie, and an oddly fascinating one too.

It’s about a high school outcast (Deng Yu-Kai) trying to man up to deal with the monsters in his life, both literally and metaphorically. The trouble is, the lad can’t figure out which is a bigger nightmare: a gang of vicious bullies (led by The Teenage Psychic’s Kent Tsai) or the cannibalistic night creatures hiding in a ghetto. (***1/2)

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