'Midnight Runners' Is A Funny Buddy-Comedy That Takes Place In One Night

Jack Neo should remake this movie.

Midnight Runners (TBA)

Starring Kang Ha-Neul, Park Seo-Joon

Directed by Jason Kim

It’s a two-for-one Korean heartthrob special! Kang Ha-Neul and Park Seo-Joon play trainee-cop buddies who stumble on a young girl’s kidnapping on their night off in town, and are subsequently drawn into an above-their-paygrade conspiracy. The odd couple — one is the brain, the other the brawn — have only a few hours to chase down the clues and catch the perps before their leave pass expires. The action-comedy moves swiftly within this race-against-time structure, until the final act where it settles for a more formulaic face-off. Whatever its faults, the adorkable leads’ cracking chemistry more than makes up for them. (***)

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