Margot Robbie Is Amazing As Disgraced Figure Skater Tonya Harding in 'I, Tonya'

She is up for a Best Actress Oscar next month.


I, Tonya (M18) 
Starring Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Allison Janney 

Directed by Craig Gillespie

Margot Robbie plays real-life figure skater Tonya Harding but the story of how she fell from grace — for her involvement in the attacking of rival Nancy Kerrigan — feels made up. 

This is because director Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl) has approached the too-weird-to-be-true story as a This is Spinal Tap-ish mockmentary, so everything comes across as a parody. 

Sure, it’s funny (especially in scenes with Sebastian Stan and Allison Janney as Harding’s abusive ex and wannabe Tiger mum, respectively), but am I supposed to sympathise with Harding or spit at her? Mixed signals, there. One thing’s clear, though: Robbie is amazing. (***)

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