Man And Monsters Try To Get Along In Manga Adaptation 'Tokyo Ghoul'

Do you like some human meat to go with your sushi?

Tokyo Ghoul (NC16)

Starring Masataka Kubota, Yu Aoi

Directed by Kentarô Hagiwara

In an alternate modern-day Tokyo, cannibalistic monsters — or ghouls — live among the humans. A timid college kid (Masataka Kubota) becomes a ghoul after receiving an organ transplant from one. So he spends the rest of the movie resisting his man-meat munching impulses, while embracing his newfound ghoul pals and evading dead serious ghoul-busters.

If you’re like me unfamiliar with the manga the movie is based, don’t worry; there’s enough not--of-this-world weirdness, flying body parts and shooting tentacles to keep you distracted. Just don’t make the mistake I made of watching it at 10am — the mayhem is better appreciated at night. (***)

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