'Lucid Dream' Is An Engaging 'Inception' Meets 'Ransom' Thriller

JYJ's Park Yoochun is mixed up in the investigations as well.

Lucid Dream (NC16)

Starring Go Soo, Park Yoochun, Sol Kyung-gu

Directed by Kim Jun-sung

Engaging thriller about an investigative journo (Go Soo) turning to fringe science — the eponymous concept whereby the dreamer is cognizant that he’s dreaming — to revisit the events leading up to his son’s kidnapping. If the premise sounds a tad familiar, that’s because you’d probably have seen it week in, week out on the TV show Stitchers. Never saw that? Okay, then think Inception meets Ransom. In Korean with English subtitles. On Netflix (***)

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