Louis Koo Loses His Cool In The Kidnap Thriller 'Paradox'

This movie needs more Tony Jaa.

Paradox (NC16)

Starring Louis Koo, Tony Jaa

Directed by Wilson Yip

Spotty Hongkong thriller with Louis Koo as an angry dad searching for his kidnapped daughter in the streets of Pattaya. If you come in expecting Koo to pull a Liam Neeson, get ready to be disappointed — he doesn’t do much until the towards the end.

Elsewhere, Tony Jaa is criminally underused as a local detective (who may also be a psychic…come again?). That leaves Wu Yue doing most of the heavy lifting as another friendly cop, engaging in a series of run-of-the-mill fisticuffs designed by Sammo Hung. If you’ve seen John Wick’s amazing gun-fu, nothing here is impressive. (** ½) 

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