Local Director Sam Loh Sets Out To Shock (Again) With His Erotic Thriller Siew Lup

This exploitation flick is so very dull despite the nudity and bloodshed.

Siew Lup (R21: sexual content and violence)

Starring Rebecca Chen, Louis Wu, Sunny Pang Directed by Sam Loh

Siew Lup by Sam Loh sold out at the Singapore International Film Festival last year on account of the notoriety of the director’s 2014 Lang Tong, which billed itself as Singapore’s first erotic thriller.

Loh presumably aspires to The Vengeance Trilogy of South Korean hit-maker Park Chan-wook’s Sympathy for Mr Vengeance (2002), Oldboy (2003) and Lady Vengeance (2005) for his local ‘Angel of Vengeance’ triptych about abused women turning vengeful femmes fatales when this seedy melodrama, the second series installment, is most like a 1990s Hong Kong exploitation flick. Without even the shocks, so dreary it is.

Rebecca Chen, a dancer in her acting debut, is the busty ex-prostitute ensuring grisly ends for all men who cross her path whether Sunny Pang as her lecherous butcher husband or Louis Wu her nice guy lover. There are additional special appearances by roast meat (the titular siew lup in Cantonese), food being another of Loh’s themes along with sex and murder, among the crudely conceived, poorly acted characters. 1.5/5

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