Lego Batman Gets His Own 3D Action Adventure Along With New Allies In The LEGO® Batman Movie

We have mostly brickbats for this frenetic romp.

The LEGO® Batman Movie (PG)

Voiced by Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, Ralph Fiennes Directed by Chris McKay

Lego Batman from the 2014 megahit The LEGO® Movie lands his own 3D computer-animated action comedy, confronting relationship issues as he teams up with his adopted boy orphan Dick Grayson and new police commissioner Barbara Gordon to save Gotham City from an invasion by the Joker’s rogues gallery. Will Arnett reprises his growly starring role. Michael Cera voices excitable Dick. Rosario Dawson is the take-charge lawwoman. And Ralph Fiennes is butler Alfred.

Inspired vocal casting aside, I have mostly brickbats for The LEGO® Batman Movie.

The broody anti-social Batman is a dysfunctional superhero, as it is, beyond parody, and around him has gathered every DC Entertainment mini-figure franchised to The Lego Group for a frenetic good-guys-versus-villains romp set to pop culture wisecracks and Top 40 tunes.

Chris McKay directs under producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The three of them were co-directors on the rapturously received original, which doubled as a corporate infomercial and an ingeniously witty subversion of its toy company sponsor. This spin-off is just the product placement it upends:  The characters have no good reason for being plastic bricks. 2.5/5

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