Late-Romance 'Hampstead' Is Best Watched At Home

That's why Netflix is invented, so you don't have to beat traffic to watch this Lifetime-ish movie.

Hampstead (PG)

Starring Diane Keaton, Brendan Gleeson

Directed by Joel Hopkins

Diane Keaton plays Emily, an American widow living in the titular picturesque London village, and Brendan Gleeson is Donald, the recluse staying in a shack in the nearby park. It’s hate at first sight for Emily and Donald, but they hook up eventually after she helps him out in his feud with property developers who want him out of the coveted land. Keaton and Gleeson are way overqualified in this late-life romance that has the trappings of a Lifetime Movie — inoffensive, sentimental and disposable. Its appeal is limited to folks of a certain age. Even then, they’d probably prefer to catch it at home. (**)

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