Kung Fu Yoga sends Jackie Chan on a cut-rate treasure hunt that finds nothing worthwhile

The gongfu is routine. The yoga… what yoga?

Kung Fu Yoga (PG13: some violence)

Starring Jackie Chan, Aarif Rahman, Disha Patani Directed by Stanley Tong

Hong Kong filmmaker Stanley Tong and martial arts star Jackie Chan have enjoyed a decades-long collaboration with Police Story 3: Super Cop, Rumble in the Bronx and Police Story 4: First Strike their ’90s career highs.

The Sino-Indian co-production Kung Fu Yoga written-directed-produced and action-choreographed by Tong is however more like their last film together, The Myth (2005): a cut-rate adventure, almost a hack rehash wherein Chan is again a Chinese archaeologist questing for a historical relic accompanied by an Indian beauty. 

Disha Patani, a model, is the latter, co-starring as a professor. Aarif Rahman is a dashing tomb raider named Jones, a tip to one Indiana, no doubt, also on the team along with the hero’s two assistants (Lay Zhang and Miya Muqi) to locate India’s lost treasures of the Magadha kingdom.

From Tibet to Dubai and, finally, a mountain temple in India they globe-trot. The gongfu is routine, mostly Chan fending off stock villain Sonu Sood’s army of mercenaries and then, during a car chase, a lion in his SUV. As for the yoga, there is Patani demonstrating breathing techniques before diving underground into an ice cave.

Nor does either get a workout in their acting, what with Chan indifferent and the rest of the cast dreadful. 2/5

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