It’s no joke: Joker is now the No. 1 NC16 movie in Singapore. 

As of Oct 22, the Joaquin Phoenix-starring origin story of Batman’s long-time arch nemesis has earned $5,354,564. The record was previously held by the Korean zombie pic Train to Busan, which made $5.35 million in 2016.  

Joker is not the biggest DC Comics movie, though. That honour belongs to last year’s PG-rated Aquaman, which took home more than $9.75 million.

Globally, Joker, directed by Todd Phillips, has grossed over US$741 million (S$1.01 bil), and is on its way to becoming the biggest R-rated movie of all time. 2016’s Deadpool is the current title holder of US$783 million.

Since its release three weeks ago, Joker has attracted serious award buzz (it’s already snagged the coveted Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festive), with critics singling out Phoenix’s tour de force performance.

Despite the acclaim, the movie is also taking flak for demonising mental illness and the use of convicted pedophile singer Gary Glitter’s ‘Rock and Roll Part 2’ in a key sequence.

Meanwhile, here are Singapore’s Top 10 NC16 movies so far (figures not adjusted to inflation):


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