John Travolta's Bland 'Gotti' Biopic Is Bound For The Razzies

Travolta should've been more passionate about his passion project.

Gotti (M18)

Starring John Travolta, Kelly Preston

Directed by Kevin Connolly

You got to admire John Travolta’s tenacity: He waited nearly a decade to make this passion project, the biopic of mafia boss John Gotti, with him in the starring role. It’s a pity he wasn’t passionate enough to round up the best collaborators who shared his vision.

(Remember Johnny’s last pet pursuit, the beyond-risible, still unwatchable Battlefield Earth?) Helmed by Kevin Connolly, better known as E on Entourage, Gotti is plain, plodding, patchy and interchangeable, a Franken-Movie put together with parts from Goodfellas, Scarface, and The Sopranos.

Come to think of it: Is this a mob movie or a mob-themed cosplay convention? Not exactly the prestige cinema it's made out to be; more like a late-night movie made for the Crime + Investigation Network. (**)

Photo: Shaw Organiation 

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